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Centerless grinding wheel
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Centerless grinding wheel

Mainly used for grinding of hard alloys, steel materials, magnetic materials, sapphire and other materials.
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main feature:

★Forming batch high efficiency cylindrical grinding

★The roundness and cylindricity of the machined workpiece are high and the dimensional consistency is good.

★The surface finish of the workpiece after fine grinding is good

★Applicable to the process of angular, coarse grinding, semi-finishing and fine grinding.

Application areas:

Mainly used for grinding of hard alloys, steel materials, magnetic materials, sapphire and other materials.

Centerless grinding product series:


Serial Number Application field Remarks
LHWXM-01 Cemented carbide, magnetic material  
LHWXM-02 sapphire  
LHWXM-03 Hardened steel(HRC≥45)  
LHWXM-04 Hardened steel(HRC<45)  


  Available specifications and corresponding grinding machine models:


product name model Wheel size/mm
diameter width Bore Abrasive layer thickness
Centerless grinder M1020A 300 100 127、203、305 5、10、15
M1050A 400 150
MT1050A 400 150
M1080A 500 150
M1080B 500 150
M1080C 500 150
MT1080C 500 150
M1080B 500 150
M10100 500 200
M1083A 600 200
M1083A 600 200
M1083B 600 200
M1083B 600 200
M10200 600 300
MW10200 600 350
MT10400 750 500
High Precision Centerless Grinder MG1020 300 100
MT1040A 350 125
M1050A 400 150
MG1050A 500 150
MGT1050 450 150
高速无心磨床 MS1080 500 150
Precision Centerless Wheel Grinder MM1080 600 200
MG10100 600 200
MGT10100 600 200
MS10100 600 250
Centerless grinder with wide grinding wheel M11100A 500 400

  Note: Customization can also be made according to customer requirements.

  Application case:


Customer: A Famous Special Alloy Manufacturing Company in China
Equipment type: M1050A Circle of Wuxi Machine Tool Factory
Grinding wheel type: 1A1 400*150*127*10 D120 C100
Grinding material: Tungsten-cobalt cemented carbide
Application process: Rough grinding of cemented carbide bars
Grinding force: One-time feed is attainable0.15mm
Wear resistance: Grinding 80 pieces (30 minutes), grinding wheel wear is 0.02mm, workpiece CPK is 1.67.
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