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Diamond wire saw
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Diamond wire saw


Diamond wire saw is using resin or electroplating method to make diamond abrasive grain uniformly fixed on the metal wire to achieve the efficient cutting of hard and brittle materials. Special processing objects of diamond wire saw require special diamond abrasive. Our SFDP-2 series for electroplated diamond tools have been developed specifically for electroplated diamond tools such as diamond wire saws. The strictly controlled graded production process achieves the product particle size distribution to be particularly concentrated, removes the invalid fine particles and coarse particles which are easily to cause scratches, and substantially increases in the proportion of effective abrasive grain to improve the working efficiency of workpieces and reduce defective rate. Meanwhile our self-developed micron-grade diamond surface chemical plating process can fully meet the requests of pre-treatment nickel-plating for abrasive grain from the diamond wire saw manufacturers. The coating is compact and uniform, while weight gain is accurate. Based on the dispersion of nano size powder and surface treatment experience, it ensures that the size less than 10μm plating products will not have adhesion phenomenon, realizes to deliver customers the diamond abrasive grain and chemical plating products in the whole controllable process.

Diamond wire saw

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