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Precision polishing
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Precision polishing


Specially for fine particle diamond used for polishing in the high-end field. The traditional powder shaping and grading process for less than 1 micron fine particles can not achieve effective shaping and grading; the conventional products have a large number of irregular and oversize particles, which are the core factors to directly bring about ultra-fine particle size diamond powder with high polishing efficiency and bad polishing effect. Owing to breaking through the technical barriers of fine particle diamond shaping and grading process, it can effectively achieve shaping and grading process for 50 nm diamond particles, so as to ensure the product particles are concentrated, while completely-removed oversize particles can ensure it won’t cause unexpected depth scratches during the polishing process.

Suitable for precision grinding and polishing of high-end precision gem, camera lens, metallographic consumables, LCD panel, liquid crystal glass, sapphire, quartz plate, LED sapphire substrate, and ceramic materials,etc.


Precision polishing


  Shaping the processed 100 nm product


Precision polishing


  Non-shaped processing of 100 nm products

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