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leader's speech

leader's speech


Dear friends from all walks of life and colleagues:

Welcome to focus on Henan Union Precision Material Co.,Ltd.!

Henan Union Precision Material Co.,Ltd. founded in 2002 and located in Zhengzhou Economic and Technical Development Zone, has a registered capital of RMB 21,320,000, and covers an area of more than 60 mu. We insist on taking the market orientation, and the fine diamond micropowder, flowable abrasive and soft grinding tool are gradually formed by surrounding the development, production and sales of precision abrasive and relevant grinding and polishing products, wherein the technology of micron and nanometer diamond powder, diamond polishing solution, diamond polishing film and many other products and technological level occupy the leading level of the industry.

We maintain that the "innovation" is the soul of the enterprise, cultivate a batch of stable innovation team through the independent innovation and "introduction, digestion, absorption and re-innovation" strategy for many years, and build the national engineering laboratory of ultraprecise grinding and polishing material and application technology, Henan province nanodiamond powder material engineering technology research and development center, provincial and municipal enterprise technology center and other technical innovation platforms. We draft Superhard Material-Nanodiamond, Diamond Polishing Solution and other industrial standards, and obtain 13 invention patents authorized by the state.

Reviewing the past, Union's today is hard-won, and jointly created by a batch of Lianhe people, by joining hands with the firm belief, hard work and continuous innovation. We will never forget you.

Seeing today,Union moves ahead towards the destination rapidly, like a ship sailing on the sea. Thanks for you to focus on Union. Welcome the like-minded people to seek development with Union, so as to realize the win-win cooperation!

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